Terms & Condition

Authenticity and Quality Assurance

At Billionaire Collection, we are proud to offer genuine Swiss movement products, completely free from inferior Chinese alternatives. Our timepieces boast exceptional quality and captivating attributes, making them perfect for personal enjoyment or as thoughtful gifts. We guarantee that what you see on our website is exactly what you will receive, with no deviations. Should you have any questions about our products or their usage, our expert customer support team is just a call away, ready to provide the guidance you need.

Product Warranty

Each product comes with a specified warranty period, detailed in the product description. If your item experiences any damage within this period, simply contact us via email or phone. We will promptly respond with all necessary details and guide you through the steps to resolve the issue swiftly.

Seamless Online Payment

We offer a seamless online payment experience, accepting all major credit and debit cards from various banks. For Cash on Delivery (COD) orders, our team will initiate a verification call to ensure the authenticity of address and contact details, update our customer database, and maintain a secure transaction process.

Post-Warranty Service

Even beyond the warranty period, we are here to assist you. While standard charges will apply, we are committed to servicing your product to maintain its excellence and ensure your continued satisfaction.

Warranty Exclusions

Please note that physical damage voids the warranty. In such cases, standard service charges will apply. If you have any questions about product selection or other concerns, do not hesitate to consult us. Our team is dedicated to helping you make the best choice.

Product Range

Our collection includes limited editions, which are also subject to our return policy for exchanges or returns. We strive to present accurate colors in our product images, but we cannot be held responsible for color variations due to different display settings on your end. While we do not impose obligatory commitments, we reserve the right to limit product sales in certain jurisdictions. Prices and product descriptions may be updated at our discretion, but always with utmost transparency. We also reserve the right to discontinue products based on our business requirements.

Choose Billionaire Collection for an unparalleled luxury experience. Your satisfaction is our pledge.

For any inquiries or further assistance, please feel free to contact us:

Billionaire Collection
Email: [Support@billionairecollection.in]
Phone: [9833686707]

Thank you for choosing Billionaire Collection, your ultimate destination for exquisite timepieces.